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Mystical Sidelock Bubbler - Purple Haze-Luxury Lifted

Mystical Sidelock Bubbler - Purple Haze

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Bold, curvaceous and glowing in gold fume, this sidelock-shaped bubbler pipe makes a stylish and colorful statement. Luxurious gold fume lights up the purpleish-blue glass while the comfortable grip and deep the bowl will quickly make it your favorite. 

Why We Love It

This gorgeous waterpipe makes it easy to add a dash of luxury to your everyday. The Magic Fumed Bubbler collection is handblown in Oregon with incredible bold colors that will shift and change with each pull, creating an enchanting piece that commands attention. We love the jewel-toned colors of each variety, named with inspiration from today's most popular strains.

Product Details:

  • Approx 8 inches in length
  • Carb located on left side of bowl
  • Made in Oregon, USA