Let's Burn Kush Hitter Kard-Luxury Lifted

Let's Burn Kush Hitter Kard

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Inside: Take a hit and get lit

Raise your hand if you'd be happy to open this card!! Okay, now put your hands down, it's weird. No seriously though, you'll delight just about everyone with this Let's Burn card and one-hitter. It's enough to make you seem thoughtful as hell (and it's so easy!).

Why We Love It

How often do we wish we could find cards that REALLY say what we mean? Well, let's just say that "Let's Burn" covers a lot of ground for us and our card-giving needs. 

The Details

  • Includes one card, one envelop, and one one-hitter
  • Extra postage likely required to mail
  • For tobacco use only