Hot Sauce Bong-Luxury Lifted
Hot Sauce Bong-Luxury Lifted
Hot Sauce Bong-Luxury Lifted
Hot Sauce Bong-Luxury Lifted
Hot Sauce Bong-Luxury Lifted
Hot Sauce Bong-Luxury Lifted

Hot Sauce Mini Bong

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If you're looking to spice up your next smoke sesh, you've come to the right place. This Hot Sauce Min Rig from Empire Glassworks is a perfect replica of the classic Sriracha bottle, right down to the red body and the green cap that acts as the mouthpiece.

This spicy water pipe has a banger hanger design and includes a bowl with a glass opal that dons the Empire Glassworks logo proudly inside. There's a fixed downstem inside the colored glass chamber that diffuses your smoke, creating a clean, smooth hit with every toke. 

Proudly made in the US, this pipe has thick American glass that elevates the 14mm female water pipe with long-lasting quality, while a 90-degree joint is reinforced with a second prong for even further durability. 

Why We Love It

We love everything about this Water Pipe from Empire Glassworks. The design details are amazing right down to the lettering on the bottle, and it hits with a kick almost as strong as the real Sriracha hot sauce. We also love the size of this rig making it ideal for everything from group hangs to chill sessions by yourself.  We know you'll enjoy this Hot Sauce Mini Rig just as much as we do, just try not to mistake it for the real thing and dump it out over your noodles.

Product Details

  • Compatible with Dry Herbs

  • Premium Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe
  • Fixed 3-Hole Diffuser Downstem
  • 90° Reinforced Banger Hanger
  • Sriracha Hot Sauce Themed
  • Highly Detailed Artwork
  • Worked Glass Accents
  • 6.75" inches Tall
  • 2” Base Diameter
  • 14.5mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Glass Opal Bowl
  • Portable & Travel-Friendly
  • Limited Quantity & Availability
  • Individually Handcrafted Art Piece*
  • American Made Glass [Placentia, CA]

* Every Empire Glassworks creation is individually handcrafted to the finest detail, thus leading to slight variations in color & design. Each piece comes out slightly different than the last, meaning the one you choose is guaranteed to be one of a kind!