Narwhal Roach Clip-Luxury Lifted

Narwhal Roach Clip

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More than 17 feet long and clocking in around 2100 lbs., hanging with a real narwhal is not without its challenges. Our Narwhal Roach Clip is a much easier (and less deadly!) option for the Narwhal obsessed. Hand-crafted in bright white solid glass with a neon yellow glass horn, you can protect your fingers and show your love for the animal dubbed "the Unicorn of Death" by Gizmodo all  from the safety of your own couch!

Why We Love It

Unicorn of death. UNICORN. OF. DEATH. Since we're now terrified of narwhals in the wild, we'll settle for one we can get wild with - and this cute little Narwhal roach clip does the trick. Plus, it just makes us smile.

Product Details

  • Narwhal Roach Clip with metal clip and solid glass base stand
  • Stands on its own when clip is not in use
  • 1 inch in length with attached two-inch metal wire and clip
  • Weighs .05 lbs
  • Handcrafted in California by Empire Glassworks
  • For tobacco use only